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I am attempting to utilize a formula to iteratively interact with a cell when a checkbox is checked. The idea being that I will have a checkbox called "No Change" which I can check during our weekly round robin meetings when part of a project has had no change. This would add 1 to the value in a cell named [NoChangeCount], and a workflow would revert the checkbox to unchecked. The formula would look something like this in a cell named NoChangeHolder: =IF([No Change]@row, NoChangeCount@row + 1)

The same formula in the cell named NoChangeCount returns #Circular Reference

The problem that I have is making this repeatable, if I uncheck the box the math reverts, and the value of NoChangeCount returns to 0, workflows do not allow math within the cell value, helper columns just turn into a cyclic version of the same problem.

Any advice or help would be appreciated, across 50 small projects this takes a decent portion of my Friday to do manually.

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