Hi! I'm fairly new to formulas and not sure where I'm going wrong here, any help or insight would be greatly appreciated :-) - thank you!

I'm trying to say, in a Metrics sheet, "please count this status if it is "Not Started", checked as active (it's a checkbox column), and says "Near-Term" in the drop-down field in that column.

It says #unparseable so I know it's something simple...but not simple enough for me to figure out lol...

=COUNTIF({Sample Project Tracker STATUS COLUMN}="Not Started"), IF(AND({Sample Project Tracker ACTIVE}="Check")), IF(AND({Sample Project Tracker GROWTH PLAN} = "Near-Term")))


  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/26/23

    If I remember correctly you can't use an IF function inside of a COUNTIF function because the countif are automatically doing an if for the next criteria. Also I'm not sure what you are counting as your formula doesn't provide the range to count only the criteria you are looking for.

    I would use the below

    =COUNTIF([range you are wanting to count],AND({Sample Project Tracker STATUS COLUMN}="Not Started"),{Sample Project Tracker ACTIVE}="1",{Sample Project Tracker GROWTH PLAN} = "Near-Term"))

  • cthurston

    Thank you, so much, Hollie! I'll try that!

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