Help With Index(Collect with Parent/Child Formatting

I haven't been able to pull this value using the below two formulas.. could someone lend some insight? I have to redact lots of the below unfortunately

=INDEX(COLLECT({SSFC DR}, {SSFC C}, HAS(@cell, [Cred Strip]@row), {SSFC Firm}, HAS(@cell, [Firm]@row)), 1))

=INDEX(COLLECT({SSFC DR}, {SSFC C}, CONTAINS([Cred Strip]@row, @cell), {SSFC Firm}, CONTAINS([Firm]@row, @cell)), 1))

A- SSFC DR = Yellow Dot (Value I'm trying to pull)

B- SSFC C = Orange Dot (Matches if current sheet's value contains this value)

C- SSFC Firm = Black Dot (Direct Match)

I'm pulling 5 in the below using an Index(Match based on an internal file number, then stripping to only the first word in 1.

I've even tried to join values 3 and 4- hence the HAS approach in the one formula. I don't know if its the parent/child formatting that's messing things up or if I'm just approaching this incorrectly..

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