How do I create a formula for a Parent's "Assigned to" Inherit from Active Task

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I am using an agile template to plan sprints for my team. I'd like the Parent to take on the ACTIVE subtask 'assigned to' contact.

For example, the 'assigned to' column for the Parent would equal the sub-task's 'assigned to' column that is currently active (as indicated by 'stage').

Is this possible?

something like "IF CHILD stage = in progress, then PARENT assigned to equals CHILD assigned to"??

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  • HeatherD.
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    Hi @tcars!

    You might try something like this: =IF(Stage@row = "In Progress", INDEX(COLLECT(CHILDREN(), CHILDREN(Stage@row), "In Progress"), 1)

    This roughly translates to "If the Stage in this row is 'In progress,' bring back the value from the child row (from this column) where the Stage in that row is 'In Progress'. And, if there's more than one match, just bring the first one."

    I hope this helps! Here are some articles about the functions I used that may be helpful:




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