Create Contact using INDEX/MATCH

I need to have a contact list populate based on the name of the PM entered into the PM column. Just so you are aware, I attempted, to change the PM column from a dropdown to a contact list, and the 22 workflows I had created all broke. So on my PM list, there is a column named PM, which is just text (this is the primary column), on this sheet contains another column which is Contact (a contact list of course). I have manually created the contacts, and the PM and the Contact match. I attempted to use an Index/Match but when I had it as a contact list, it would not allow the formula. I then changed it to text/number and I got an unparsable error. The only thing I can think of the 1st screenshot has the PM as text (it is primary column), and the 2nd screenshot has the PM as a dropdown. What am I doing wrong.

=INDEX({Contact} MATCH(PM@row {PM}, 0))

Sherry Fox

Project Analyst | Core Quality Services (QMS Transformation)


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