Dear all,

I hope this message finds you well. Although I don't have any coding experience, I have been using AppSheet for some time now. Recently, I have been working on integrating Smartsheet into our project management processes, specifically for tracking our projects as a building company.

One of our requirements is to update the start date of dependent tasks when marking them as "started" in Smartsheet. This involves removing the predecessor task and changing the start date to the current day. Initially, I managed to achieve this using automation in AppSheet. However, there was a significant synchronization delay of 35 seconds for each row, which was not ideal.

In an attempt to find a better solution, I explored creating a webhook with the AppSheet API using the following HTTP request. However, despite the request being completed, I noticed that nothing changed in the Smartsheet sheet.


"Action": "edit",

 "Properties": {

  "Locale": "pt-BR",


 "Rows": [




"Data de Início":"<<Today()>>",

"Row ID":"<<[_THISROW].[Row ID]>>"




During my search for alternative solutions, I came across a helpful video on YouTube that suggested there might be an issue with identifying the Row ID. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a way to obtain the Row ID.

I kindly request your assistance in finding a solution to this problem.