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Michelle McN
Michelle McN ✭✭
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I am trying to count the number of times a training course has been scheduled.

The training schedule has the following columns:

Training Course Name (one column) (range 1)
Training Dates from 29 May to 18 Aug (which is 82 columns in total) (range 2). A scheduled training session is marked with an 'X'

So I'm trying to calculate how many times an 'X' occurs in a training course row.

In my calculation document the primary column is a list of each training course and I used this as the criteria for range 1.

I've tried using a COUNTIFS formula as follows however I get an unparseable response:

=COUNTIFS({WAVE1B Learning Schedule Test Range 2}, "X" , {WAVE1B Learning Schedule Test Range 1}, [Primary Column]@row))

I can get the first part of the calculation to work and it returns the total number of 'X' in the schedule. Once I add in the training session name the formula stops working. I used the help function provided by Smartsheet when selecting cross sheet references etc.




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