I cannot figure out what my formula should be to count the total number of projects by stage and category. (gray section) I need the total number of task category's totaled by the stage of the task.


  • If you put the following formula into the cell you've got highlighted:

    =COUNTIFS({Page 2 Item Range}, $Label@row, {Page 2 Status Range}, [Metric 1]$17)

    where {Page 2 Item Range} references the full Item column on Page 2 and {Page 2 Status Range} references the full Status column...

    you can drag-fill the formula down and then across, and it should give you the count for all the different Item/Status combinations.

    This is assuming that your grey header showing the different Status options is on Row 17 of your sheet (hence the $17 in the formula).



    CTO, Smarter Business Processes

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