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  • kshah
    kshah ✭✭

    Hi all,

    I have successfully created a countif formula that counts if a date appears in a column (RYZ101-301 enrollment Range X) that is the same date as in the Start row.

    =COUNTIF({RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 5}, Start@row) + COUNTIF({RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 2}, Start@row)

    Now I want to add an additional condition. Only count the value in RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 2 and 5, if the cell in RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 2 or 5 also has "On Treatment RYZ101" in a specified column "RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 6" for the same row that has the date in Enrollment Range 2 or 5.

    Is this possible @Paul Newcome , you seem to be a wiz at Countifs?

    RYZ101 Enrollment range 6

    RYZ101 Enrollment Range 2 or 5:


    My current formula without the condition for Enrollment range 6 comes up with "2" for May 22, 2023. My goal is to eliminate the 2nd May 22 since it is "On Treatment SOC".



  • Hollie Green
    Hollie Green ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You would just change the formula to a Countifs and add your range,criteria at the end

    =COUNTIFS({RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 5}, Start@row,{RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 6},"On Treatment RYZ101") + COUNTIFS({RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 2}, Start@row,{RYZ101-301 Enrollment Range 6},"On Treatment RYZ101")

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