Triggering Workflows without Accessing the Sheet

I have the following workflow:

Sheet 1 (an individual project) statuses are updated

Sheet 2 (a summary of that individual project) has calculated fields based off of counting types of statuses in Sheet 1

When Sheet 2 values change the row is copied over to Sheet 3 (a portfolio sheet)

Since Sheet 3 is getting a new row each time a value in Sheet 2 changes, I end up with multiple records for each project; I get around this by calculating a "most recent record" field. When that is set to "N", the record is moved to Sheet 4 (a trash sheet since there is no "delete" automation)

Where i'm having trouble is that none of this seems to happen unless i actively open every sheet in that order. For instance, if i change a value in Sheet 1 and then go to Sheet 4, i don't see updates. If I click through Sheets 1-4 it works. I'd obviously like this to all happen without my interaction so users can update the individual projects and managers can view the portfolio level sheets.