Formula for Average Number of Shifts to Complete New Hire Orientation


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Beginner Smartsheet user here. I'm working on trying to get the average number of new hires off orientation. Each department is tracking how many shifts of orientation a new hire is taking before they meet the criteria to be signed off.

The number of shifts can be anywhere from 1 - 20 (see Avg Shifts column)

I created a metric sheet that is pulling in how many new hires completed a shift for each number. I used the average function =AVG( however, this is incorrect because it's averaging the number of new hires in the department column instead of the average number of shifts. Does anyone have any suggestions on a formula? Do I need to reorganize the metric sheet differently?

In the screenshot below, department B2 has 1 new hire who has completed orientation after 6 shifts. Department B2 has two employees who have completed their orientation after 6 shifts.


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    Ok so, send your formula over and a screenshot of your metrics sheet. Also, would the Avg Shifts really just be the number of shifts the new hires did before they completed orientation? Calling that the Avg Shifts is a bit confusing since its not really the average, just the count of shifts each employee did before they completed orientation.

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