Need to calculate a date based on data in another sheet

I'm creating what is basically a notification system that's too complicated for just Automations.

In a one sheet I've set up a Cadence by a Category. So the category might be Webinar. The cadence is captured in multiple columns labeled First Push, Second Push, etc. Each of those houses a number representing the number of days BEFORE an event date.

In my target sheet, I have the actual Events. Event Name = AwesomeWebinar, Category = Webinar. The Event Date = actual date of the event (07/26/23, for instance). I have multiple columns (First Date, Second Date, etc.), each to house a calculated date using the Event Date from within this sheet, and the First Push, Second Push number from the first table.

If the First Push field has the number 45, then AwesomeWebinar's First Date field should show 7/26/23 - 45 days, or 6/11/23. The June date is what I want to see.

(For background, I do have the Formulas reference set and have looked in the Date section. The date calculation info doesn't reference an actual formula name, just does a quick calculation after the "=". The rest of the functions under there (DATE, TODAY, etc.) do not seem to be what I need.)

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