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Last formula I need to figure out to finish this template. @Kelly Moore You have been so incredibly helpful, if you are able to help me on this last one I owe you one!

I know I have an error in the formula or maybe using the wrong one. I am trying to pull the Start Date and End Date on the current sheet, taking into consideration Project Name and pull Sum the Total Production Per Day for the Date Range within the other spreadsheet.

=SUMIFS({Total Production Per Day},

{Generation Tracker Range 1},

[Project Name]@row,

{Generation Tracker Range 2},

">=" & [Start Date]@row,

{Generation Tracker Range 2},

"<=" & [End Date]@row)

This the Spreadsheet I am trying to pull the Data From:

Here is the spreadsheet I am working in. Doesn't seem to be looking at the current spreadsheet fields. I hilights the fields in this one I am trying to match up to get a SUM.

Thank you for your help! I am so excited to get this spreadsheet to the team!

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  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hey @NuGenAdmin

    Happy to help. Some syntax errors to watch out for in the future - I believe in your formulas you are trying to use the ampersand as a join. It's not needed and smartsheet doesn't use the ampersand for join. When needing to concatenate, you use a plus sign. But you don't need to join an equal sign to the other part of any expression. Also, enclosing numbers or arithmetic signs in quotes converts them to a textstring where they will be behave as if you placed any other letter of the alphabet in a sentence.

    Thanks for the screenshots AND the typed formula. Both are super helpful.

    =SUMIFS({Total Production Per Day}, {Generation Tracker Range 1},[Project Name]@row, {Generation Tracker Range 2}, >=[Start Date]@row, {Generation Tracker Range 2}, <=[End Date]@row)

    Will this work for you



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