Conditional formatting to highlight tasks due each week

How can I set my conditional formatting to show tasks that are due for the current week? I schedule recurring tasks out in the future but I want to hone in on the tasks for each week.

For example: Any day this week, I want to see only Monday, June 5 - Friday, June 9


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    So you are going to need a helper column to do this, but it will be easy.

    First, create a checkbox column and you can call it whatever you want. this column is going to mark if the task is due in a specific week of the year. Then enter this formula into one of the cells of the column:

    =IF(WEEKNUMBER(TODAY())=WEEKNUMBER([End Date]@row), 1,0)

    End Date would be the column for whatever you have called your finish date of the task.

    Make the formula a column formula then hide the column.

    Now, go into conditional formatting and you can set the row to highlight if the box is checked. It should now show you what is due for the current week.

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