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I need to copy the characters to the LEFT of a text string separated by a dash from columns Department 1, Department 2, Department 3, Department 4, and Department 5 to cell Department Code in same row but not concatenate and if no data to return blank.

the responses from the intake form will only populate one column at a time so joining data will not be necessary.

I need the formula to make this happen, please and ASAP.

I asked ChatGPT for help and this is what I got but when I copy it to my cell, it is Unparseable.

=IF(OR(ISBLANK([Department 1000 - 8010]@row), ISBLANK([Department AC]@row), ISBLANK([Department AG]@row), ISBLANK([Department CA]@row), ISBLANK([Department ES/SP]@row)), "", IFERROR(LEFT(TRIM([Department 1000 - 8010]@row), FIND(",", TRIM([Department 1000 - 8010]@row)) - 1), TRIM([Department 1000 - 8010]@row)) & IFERROR(LEFT(TRIM([Department AC]@row), FIND(",", TRIM([Department AC]@row)) - 1), TRIM([Department AC]@row)) & IFERROR(LEFT(TRIM([Department AG]@row), FIND(",", TRIM([Department AG]@row)) - 1), TRIM([Department AG]@row)) & IFERROR(LEFT(TRIM([Department CA]@row), FIND(",", TRIM([Department CA]@row)) - 1), TRIM([Department CA]@row)) & IFERROR(LEFT(TRIM([Department ES/SP]@row), FIND(",", TRIM([Department ES/SP]@row)) - 1), TRIM([Department ES/SP]@row)))

thank you!

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