Formula to Total rows

I have Rows with names of People

Then I have columns that show projects / Activity names

I am trying to create a summary field that will sum all the time spent on two categories by all the people. Either "Customer Meeting" or "Testing". The rows those are listed in might not always be the same. For example one month they may be in Row 2 and 45 and another Month it may be in row 245 and 250.

The list of Category names start in Row 2 and go all the way through Row 250

I've tried several iterations but can't seem to quite get my syntax to work.

This was the last one I was trying but it comes back as unparseable

=SUMIF(SSRS2:SSRS250, <>"Customer Meeting", [PM1]@row:[PM5]@row)

Below is a screen shot of the sheet.

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  • Peggy Parchert
    Peggy Parchert ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    @fboivin -

    Hello. You could create a helper column and sum the rows and then create a Sheet Summary field to break down each SSRS.

    The helper column, Total, would have a column formula: =IF(SSRS@row = "Customer Meeting", SUM([PM1]@row:[PM5]@row), IF(SSRS@row = "Testing", SUM([PM1]@row:[PM5]@row), 0))

    The two Sheet Summary fields would have:

    Customer Testing - =SUMIF(SSRS:SSRS, "Customer Meeting", Total:Total)

    Testing - =SUMIF(SSRS:SSRS, "Testing", Total:Total)

    Another option - hope it helps.

    Thanks -Peggy


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