Table has dates in 7 different columns and I need to compare them all

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Background: this is a marketing "push date" table that alerts staff when stuff needs to go out.

Each row is an individual event. There is an Event Date column, and the other 7 Date columns key off of that. Any row will never have the same date in any of those 7 columns.

There are quite a few rows, one for each event throughout the year. We want to make sure that we don't have multiple email blasts go out on the same day. We want to combine things into one email if the dates across different events happen to coincide.

The issue then is that a First Date column entry might coincide with any other individual cell in any one of the 7 columns, including itself.

I'm thinking there is no way to do this mass comparison, I just want to make sure before I give up.


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    So are you just mainly trying to use the First Date column as your comparison point? If so, you could use a checkbox column and a nested IF formula that will check the box if any match. Then use a conditional format to highlight the rows that match. If you don't want the whole row highlighted, you might would need to do a helper column for each Date column to check just the ones that match. There could be a cleaner way to do it, but that is the way I would start with.

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