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We are using a Smartsheet to track order progress from start to finish. The sheet has many columns but we have 8 dropdown columns that indicate completion in certain departments...Department A, Department B...etc. How can i grant access to the leaders of each department yet protect the rest of the columns that do not pertain to order completion? I know I can lock the columns but i want to make sure they don't accidently slide the rows up or down either because the rows are in a specific sequence using the row number and only the owner needs the ability to move those. The other issue is I'd really like to provide the share to the department heads with them only seeing the order number and the department complete columns. I'd like to have them to use an iPad and it would be much easier for them if they only saw the columns they need.




  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Create a report that they access and make changes to the sheet from which only has the columns you want them using. They can make changes only to approved columns from the report and not the sheet.

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