COUNTIF Returning "0"

Hi, I have two sheets, "Tracking" and "Summary". In the "Tracking" sheet, I have a column called Fiscal Year. This is a calculated column based on the date entered in the "Date of Incident" row. It works correctly, returns values of "2022" or "2023". Here is the formula:

=IF(AND([Date of Incident]@row >= DATE(2022, 2, 1), [Date of Incident]@row <= DATE(2023, 1, 31)), "2022", IF(AND([Date of Incident]@row >= DATE(2023, 2, 1), [Date of Incident]@row <= DATE(2024, 1, 31)), "2023", ""))

In my "Summary" sheet, I have a number of values pulling from the "Tracking" sheet. At the top of the summary sheet I have a cell in which I type in the Year (i.e. 2023). All of the formulas in the summary sheet reference this year [Column3]2 so that I can easily change just the year and get all updated values in the sheet (don't have to change each cell formula for the next fiscal year).

However, these formulas are all returning a "0" even though there are many cells in the original sheet which indicate "2023". Below is one example formula (basically counting the cells in the "Tracking" sheet Fiscal Year column which equal the number put in [Column3]2).

=COUNTIF({Accident Tracking Range 7}, =[Column3]2)

Assuming this has something to do with the calculation in the "Tracking" sheet and how it returns the value of "2023"?


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