Checking another sheets Tick box and returning a value based of Row ID

Ben Hollins
Ben Hollins ✭✭
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Hi Helpful community!

Hopefully I've titled this correctly. I have two separate sheets, a master and a task sheet. I've been having trouble creating a formula that checks the "task" sheet and returns a value based of if a tick box is marked.

Main Sheet looks like this:-

The Formula i need is for the "Promo Materials" Field.

The Sheet its referencing looks like this :-

In essence, it needs to check if the "All completed" tick box is checked and return the value " Completed". If the RMID has a value, But the "All completed" box isn't checked, then the its "In Progress". Otherwise it should be "To Do".

I think i'm close with two of the options with the below. Just can't get it over the line

=IF(INDEX({Promo Completed}, MATCH(RMID@row, {RMI_ID Check}, 0)) = 1, "Completed", "Not Started")

Thanks for any assistance!


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