Upload in Batch Python API?

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Is there any way of uploading data into Smartsheet in batches?

Still fairly new playing around with Python and Smartsheet's API.

The full script have works, its just I have 10000+ rows I want to upload.

The script below is what I use to delete the information from the sheet in batches.

# Get the rows from the sheet

sheet = smartsheet_client.Sheets.get_sheet(sheet_id)

rows = sheet.rows

# Collect the row IDs

row_ids = [row.id for row in rows]

# Maximum number of rows to delete in a single request

batch_size = 350 # Adjust this as needed

# Delete rows in batches with status bar

for i in tqdm(range(0, len(row_ids), batch_size), desc="Deleting rows"):

  batch_ids = row_ids[i:i+batch_size]

  smartsheet_client.Sheets.delete_rows(sheet_id, batch_ids, ignore_rows_not_found=True)

This is what I currently have uploading the data. Its getting the data from a csv.

 # Create cells for the new row

  cells = []

  for column_id, cell_value in zip(column_ids, row_data):

    cell = smartsheet_client.models.Cell({

      'column_id': int(column_id), # Convert string to integer

      'object_value': cell_value



  # Create a new row with the cells

  row = smartsheet_client.models.Row({'cells': cells})

  # Add the row to the sheet

  smartsheet_client.Sheets.add_rows(sheet_id, [row])


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    Hi @aagundez

    For smaller CSV files such as 10,000 rows and six columns, you can use Smartsheet python SDK's import_csv() method.

    Example code:

    result = smartsheet_client.Sheets.import_csv_sheet(


      sheet_name="New Sheet Name",




    If you want to import a large CSV file, for example, a file with more than 13,187 rows and 17 columns, to Smartsheet, you can take these steps as the above import_csv_sheet() gives an error, "Server timeout exceeded. Request has failed.";


    1. Use the CSV module to load the data from the CSV file into a list of rows. 

    2. Sets the column names based on the header row and creates a new Smartsheet with the specified or inferred sheet name and column structure. 

    3. Adds the rows from the CSV file to the newly created sheet

    Example code: