Formula returning random data

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I have a list of 7 courses and with each course comes specific data.The Tuition Type and SHP Item Type numbers are specific to each course. In this screenshot below, I have the courses in a dropdown list and hoping to populate the SHP Items Type and the Tuition Type columns with their corresponding data. It works for many columns, but for others, it's bringing back data, but not for the correct courses. The formulas I have set up for each are:

SHP: =INDEX({Data SHPType}, MATCH(Course@row, ({Data Course})))

Tuition: =INDEX({Data TuitionType}, MATCH(Course@row, ({Data Course})))

Any ideas? I have MANY different formulas going in this document, but I'm trying to do them one at a time to be sure they're working before moving on. Thank you!


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