Future Date and Blank Formula


I am trying to figure out why my formula is working on one sheet and not the other. The formula will return one of the four results; Future Date, Report not Received, Report Received by Deadline, Report Received after Deadline. The formula I have is working for one sheet and not another. In the screen shots provided you will see that the formula works on the CareFirst sheet but not on the Alterwood sheet and I cannot figure out why it wont work for Alterwood. I have typed the formula into Alterwood rather than doing copy paste.

=IF(TODAY() < DATE(2023, 1, 31), "Future Date", IF([January '23]@row = "", "Report not Received", IF([January '23]@row <= DATE(2023, 1, 31), "Report Received by Deadline", IF([January '23]@row > DATE(2023, 1, 31), "Report Received after Deadline"))))

Formula on CareFirst Report:

Results from Above on CareFirst report correctly working:

Formula on Alterwood Report:

Alterwood: Returns the correct response when no date is entered into the cell, however as you can see with January when there is a date entered it returns "INVALID OPERATION"


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