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Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if it was possible to save the responses of a form without or with submision.

By this I mean that when a form is completed and information is missing. it would be necessary to be able to change date of this form already sent or not based on a criterion of a column. 

For example, if we send a form on the 24 june. When we go in this form and we choose the 24 june all the information wihich have been completed before on the form are displayes.

Thanks for your answer,


  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @lea.s6

    Unfortunately that is not possible in Smartsheet. You can however use Forms with Update Requests together and that might be something worth checking out. I've come across situations where 1 person knows half the information being requested and someone else knows the other half, or the other half of the Form's info isn't available for a couple later. In those instances I've created a short Form to add some basic data to a sheet. From there I have an automation kick-off an update request (which can display information from the sheet/Form) and more information can be added in the update request itself; and you can do that mulitple times on the same row.

    I know that's not exactly what you were looking for but I hope it helps.


    Matt Johnson

    Sevan Technology

    Smartsheet Aligned Partner

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