Needing some help with my current smartsheet project

So I'm coming across some issues with my workflows and functions with my current sheet, and I'm hoping somebody could help me out because I'm stumped.

There are boxes I have set up on children rows that get checked manually to confirm a certain portion of the Main Task is complete.

I'm currently in search of a way I can get a box checked on the parent row when the corresponding box is checked on the child row.

Because there are so many tiny tasks that go along to fit the main goal of the projects we do I would like to be able to have this information all accessible on the parent row. That way I can keep track of the progress on these jobs.

I have tried using the function on the entire column, but it automatically becomes invalid once I manually check the box.

I'm wondering if there is a way I can reference the children rows, but from a separate column, and if there is, what the base of that function would look like?

I'm open to any suggestions

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