How do I create this function using COUNTIFS?

I am trying to create a function that calculates: % of Urgent Intakes Completed Within Two Business Days (Starting 4/1/23)

I have tried the following:

=COUNTIFS({Start Date}, >DATE(2023, 4, 1), {Priority}, "Urgent", {Finish Date}, "<=WORKDAY([[{Intake Dates}]],2)") / COUNTIFS({Start Date}, >DATE(2023, 4, 1), {Priority}, "Urgent")

=COUNTIFS({Start Date}@, >DATE(2023,4,1), {Priority}@, "Urgent", {Finish Date}@, <=WORKDAY({Start Date}@,2)) / COUNTIFS({Start Date}@, >DATE(2023,4,1), {Priority}@, "Urgent")

All of the columns are referenced form another sheet within Smartsheet. The formulas either come up as 0 (which there are more that 0) or UNPARSEABLE

Thank You!!


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