Formula Question


I am having a problem with the following formula:

=IF(AND(COUNTIF([W9 or 1099 Received]@row:[NDA Received]@row, 1) = 8, COUNTIFS({Bullhorn ID}, [Bullhorn Candidate ID #]@row, {OB Complete}, "Green")), "Green", "Yellow")

The formula is supposed to return the text "Green" if the following conditions are met:

  • There are 8 cells in the range [W9 or 1099 Received]@row:[NDA Received]@row that contain the value 1.
  • The Bullhorn ID in the current row is found in the range {Bullhorn ID}.
  • The text "Green" is found in the range {OB Complete}.

However, the formula is not returning the text "Green" for all rows that meet the criteria. Instead, it is returning the text "Green" for some rows and the text "Yellow" for others.


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