COUNTIFS function across sheets


Hi there, I am trying to count th: ree separate columns in my sheet.

I tried the below in my sheet summary which gives me back 72 items, that I cross referenced by using filters in the sheet which looks correct

=COUNTIFS([Is active]:[Is active], "Yes", Tier:Tier, "2", [Editable / Non Editable]:[Editable / Non Editable], "Non editable file")

but when I try and replicate the same formula in my separate metrics sheet I'm getting a different total - 99. Does anyone have any idea where I could be going wrong here?

=COUNTIFS({06. GBT Select Inventory Active}, "Yes", {06. GBT Inventory | GBT2023-006 Tier}, "2", {06. GBT Inventory | GBT2023-006 Editable}, "Editable file")

Thanks in advance



  • AravindGP
    AravindGP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Rosie,

    If the formula above is what you have in sheet summary and the one below with the cross sheet reference is what you've in your separate metrics sheet, it looks like the last criteria is different between the two. Where the sheet summary is looking for "Non editable file" but the cross sheet formula is looking for "Editable file"


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