Link columes to another sheet, find end

Hey support,

I need your help. I have two sheets and I want to copy columes from one to another sheet.

The data in sheet 1 is updated automatically and the amount of rows varies. It varies from approx 1000 to 2000 rows.

In sheet 1 I added an automatic line ID.

In sheet 2 I created the line ID "manually" with a certain line (maximum).

With the formulas "=INDEX({Sheet1 Colume1}; MATCH(ZeilenID@row; {Sheet1 Bereich 1}))" I now copy the individual columns from sheet 1 to sheet 2. This also works.

My problem:

In sheet 1 there are only 6 rows. In sheet 2, however, data is displayed up to line 13, see picture.


In lines 7-13, the last entry from sheet 1 is always displayed.

My idea was to check the entry from colume1 is empty, but this doen´t work. It says "incorrect argument set"

=INDEX(IF(ISBLANK({Sheet1 Colume1}); "---"; {Sheet1 Colume1}); MATCH(ZeilenID@row; {Sheet1 Bereich 1}))

Do you have an idea how to solve the problem?




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