How do I count all values in a multiselect column?

Hello! I am creating a dashboard for a tracker where we can select multiple citation types. At first, I was able to count all the values (even if there were multiple values in a cell) using a simple COUNTIF formula, but I needed to add a quarter specific criteria to the formula. Once I incorporated the quarter criterion, it stopped counting the values if there were multiple values in the cell. How do I account for the cells with multiple selections using a formula? Currently, my workaround is a row report with just this information but we would like to be able to count each citation type to further summarize the data. I've attached some pictures to hopefully help, too.

This is the formula I used that counted everything: =COUNTIF({Citation Type},[Metric Description]@row)

This is the formula I used to properly capture quarterly data for my other columns but not the citation types: =COUNTIFS({Type of Visit}, [Metric Description]@row, {Entry Date}, AND(@cell >= DATE(2023, 4, 1), @cell <= DATE(2023, 6, 30)))

Disclaimer, I am fairly new to the world of Smartsheet formulas so it is very possible I'm overlooking something! Thank you all in advance for your help/suggestions!!

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