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Caravan ✭✭✭✭
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Please help. Can't understand why the below not working. I'm able to figure out complex formulas but can't figure out this simple one.

Helper is a check box but I'm getting blanks. :-(

Thanks much


  • Kaveri Vipat
    Kaveri Vipat ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Caravan, 

    I have implemented the same formula for the test, and it is working fine when the column type is ‘Text/Number’, but not for the ‘Contact List’ column type. 

    Can you please let me know which column type you are exactly using for the ‘Owner’ column, or you are using any formula for that? 


    Kaveri Vipat

    Senior Associate - Smartsheet Development, Ignatiuz Software

    2023 Core Product Certified

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  • Nandes
    Nandes ✭✭

    I have a similar problem. I have 2 columns: Project ID and Project Level. In the second column, I have the following formula: =IF(CONTAINS(".", [Project ID]@row), "L2", "L1")

    Level 1 (L1) projects are any that only have the 4 digits before the "."

    Level 2 (L2) projects are any that have digits after the "."

    As you can see, it is returning L1 on all my rows...

    The project ID field has to be a contact list type in order for the filter to work, so I can't change it to text. However, I changed it to text and it still did not work.

  • Caravan
    Caravan ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Kaveri Vipat,

    I'm able to get this working. For those that may need help with the same use case.

    Owner is the source which needs to split into Owner 1 and Owner 2. The source (Owner) can have "/", space, "," so I try to cover all bases depending how the data comes into SmartSheet (SS).

    Also, there could be 1 name or 2 names in the Owner column.

    Helper column formula

    =IF(OR(CONTAINS("/", Owner@row), CONTAINS(",", Owner@row)), 1, 0)

    Owner 1 formula

    =IF(Helper@row = 0, Owner@row, IF(Owner@row <> "", IF(FIND("/", Owner@row) > 0, LEFT(Owner@row, FIND("/", Owner@row) - 1), IF(FIND(",", Owner@row) > 0, LEFT(Owner@row, FIND(",", Owner@row) - 1)))))

    Owner 2 formula

    =IF(Helper@row = 0, " ", IF(Owner@row <> "", IF(FIND("/", Owner@row) > 0, RIGHT(Owner@row, LEN(Owner@row) - FIND("/", Owner@row)), IF(FIND(",", Owner@row) > 0, RIGHT(Owner@row, LEN(Owner@row) - FIND(",", Owner@row))))))

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