VLOOKUP issues with concatenated helper cell

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I have a tracker sheet that has manual entries across three inputs: LOB, Data Type & Source. Those three inputs pull into separate columns. I then have a helper column on this tracker that pulls together those three elements. I want to use this helper cell to be the look up value in my VLOOKUP to another sheet that has the same three data points also concatenated, to then return a value in a different column. It is not pulling the exact match and I'm not sure if that has something to do with the formatting of the helper cell.

Tracker Sheet:

Data Source sheet:

The yellow highlights indicate the values that are replicated across sheets, and the blue highlighting indicates the values I want to pull forward as the result of my vlookup. So, in the tracker sheet, I have column "Regulation" and the VLOOKUP formula =IFERROR(VLOOKUP([LOB & Data Type & Source]@row, {Data Sources_Range1}, 7, false), " ").

If I remove the IFERROR piece, and change false to true, it returns the regulation data for a row that does not match my LOB+ data type + source row on the data source sheet.

Any suggestions?

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