Fiscal year formula help. :)


Good morning, evening and afternoon!

I am working on a finance tracker and am currently trying to create a formula to calculate the fiscal year (January - February). I've done some looking through the forums and found something that works a little, but not always.

Currently I have a [Transaction Date] column. that I am wanting to use to calculate the an [FY] column for that transaction.

I found the following formula on the forums but am having mixed success.

=IF(MONTH([Transaction Date]@row) > 1, YEAR([Transaction Date]@row) + 1), YEAR([Date]@row))

When I use this formula I get an #unparseable error. If I edit the formula to the following:

=IF(MONTH([Transaction Date]@row) > 1, YEAR([Transaction Date]@row) + 1)

The formula works for this year, but if I change my [Transaction Date] to 1/10/24 the [FY] field is then blank.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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