sum up values in a different columns if another dropdown column contains the required values


I have a dropdown column that contains these values, A1-A9, B1-B9, C1-C9, D1-D9, E1-E9,S1-S9. These values represent the number of people, I can have a cell in the column with value A1, C1 &D3. I also have 6 columns that calculate the decimals I need.

Now I want to be able to check the dropdown column and add the values. I have A&B as the category apples, C&D as category banana , E$S as category mango. I want a metric sheet that will add the values in the 6 columns if the dropdown cell have values according to the fruits. If say it contains D&E , I would love to categorize that as MIX.

Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    You would need to write out separate SUMIFS for each of the lettered columns. Once you get those written out, you would add them together as need to get your combined counts.

    =SUMIFS({A Column}, {Managers Column}, OR(HAS(@cell, "A1"), HAS(@cell, "A2"), HAS(@cell, "A3")))

    =SUMIFS({A Column}, {Managers Column}, OR(HAS(@cell, "A1"), HAS(@cell, "A2"), HAS(@cell, "A3"))) + SUMIFS({B Column}, {Managers Column}, OR(HAS(@cell, "B1"), HAS(@cell, "B2"), HAS(@cell, "B3")))


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