Counting the amount of numbers found in a column with series of numbers

sawuzie ✭✭
edited 07/14/23 in Formulas and Functions


I'm currently trying to create a formula for a column "Repeats" that counts the times a number in the adjacent cell [Split Cells] is found within another column [Depot Name or Site] where the rows contain a series of numbers. If found, I want the total amount of times that number is found.

=IF((CONTAINS([Split Cells]@row, [Depot Name or Site]:[Depot Name or Site])), COUNTIF([Depot Name or Site]:[Depot Name or Site], CONTAINS([Split Cells]@row, [Depot Name or Site]:[Depot Name or Site])))

This is the formula I was using, however it returns "0" regardless of the value @row, so I'm sure something is wrong. Any help would be highly appreciated.


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