Bridge Salesforce API - SF Contact Module

We're looking to pass contact information associated with Salesforce opportunity records into Smartsheet. We have the Smartsheet / Salesforce Connector in place, but following the current structure would explode the number of fields necessary to denote all possible roles associated with each project.

Is it possible to leverage Smartsheet Bridge for this? I see Salesforce as a possible API integration in Bridge, but we can't find a Smartsheet app on the Salesforce side.

The ideal workflow would be:

  1. Salesforce opportunity record passed into Smartsheet (aka "Intake Pipeline) via Salesforce Connector
  2. Smartsheet triggers creation of project
  3. "Team Contact List" artifact link pulled into Smartsheet Intake Pipeline as Intake Summary Field
  4. When Team Contact List hyperlink exists, triggers query for Salesforce Contact Module to grab all contacts and map against roles in Smartsheet Team Contact List.