Why were all SDK GitHub repos archived?

I see that all of the Smartsheet SDK GitHub repos (https://github.com/smartsheet-platform) were archived earlier this year. In GitHub, archiving a repo makes it read-only and indicates that it's no longer being actively maintained. Can you please shed some light on why these repos were archived? Are they being replaced soon with new SDK repos? Developers will no doubt be discouraged from building on the Smarthsheet platform if the SDKs that Smartsheet provides are not being maintained/supported by the Smartsheet team.

From GitHub (https://docs.github.com/en/repositories/archiving-a-github-repository/archiving-repositories):


  • Four of the five language SDKs were turned into more clearly open-source projects. You can find these new SDKs at https://github.com/smartsheet. They now include more robust testing tools so external devs can make merge requests against them. The Ruby SDK is no longer supported, but is still functional, so you'll still find that one at https://github.com/smartsheet-platform.

  • kbrandl
    kbrandl ✭✭

    Thanks for the quick response, Kevin! I now see that the API docs were updated to link to the new locations of the SDKs in the Smartsheet GitHub org.

    A question for you -- if the code base for each SDK was ported from one GitHub org to the other -- am I correct to assume that all existing Open Issues in the (now) archived SDK repos will never be acknowledged/addressed? For example, the archived Python SDK has 31 open issues -- none of which appear in the "new" Python SDK repo. In the interest of developer/customer experience, you might consider having someone internal at Smartsheet recreate the open issues in the archived smartsheet-platform SDK repos in the new smartsheet SDK repos. It'd be a shame for customers to have taken the time to provide feedback (open an issue) about an SDK only to have it ignored and discarded because the repo got moved to another GitHub org.

    If possible, I'd suggest that you also consider adding a Readme to the Smartsheet Platform GitHub organization page to call out the fact that these SDKs have been moved. These SDKs have lived there for several years, and folks have become accustomed to finding them there.

    Thanks again for your prompt response! I realize decisions to reorg Developer Resources like this aren't made lightly, and appreciate that you all are making a best effort to do things in a way that's minimally disruptive to us developers/customers.