How to use Summary to show the total of one column only if a specific drop down is selected



I am wanting to create a summary for a sales sheet.

I have several selectable items on my sales sheet and would like to summarise how many of those individual items have been sold.

I have a drop down for several items and then record how many of that item is required in quantity.

I don't want to record the total in the quantity column just the total of the numbers in the quantity when a specific item is selected.

So I can have a different summary for the amount of each item sold and then another that would calculate the total $ value for all of that item sold.

I can't just count the item as quantity will vary and I don't want to use a seprate column to record each item type but that is the only way I can think to count a column without being able to count cells in a column based on another columns cell contents

Is this possible?

Appreciate any help!



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