IF OR Function for more than two fields or values

Dear all,

I have a main task with several (3 or 4) sub tasks and want the top tasks' status to be changed, as soon as one of the sub tasks' status is being changed.

The following formula works, in the field of the main task, for only two sub tasks

=IF(OR(Status11 = "In Progress", Status12 = "In Progress"), "In Progress", "Not Started")

I would need something like:

=IF(OR(Status11 = "In Progress", Status12 = "In Progress", Status13 = "In Progress", Status14 = "In Progress"), "In Progress", "Not Started")

... but that doesn't work.

Do I understand correctly that an OR query only is valid for two criteria? What function do I use to check more than two field values? I would need something like "IF ONE OF..." but I can't find anything like that. Or do I have to add several IF queries to receive the wanted function?

Any hint is highly appreciated. Thank you very much! 😘

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