Formula for Multi-Select Contact Column and Dropdown List


On my sheet I have one column titled “Inspectors”, this is a multi-select contact column that will have multiple options in it at times. I have a second column titled "Categories for Failure" this is a dropdown list which will also have multiple options selected at times.

I was hoping to create a formula that uniquely tracks individual failures by individual inspectors.

Currently when I have two contacts in the multi-select contact column it will not track on my data sheet, only when there is a single selection will it track.

My current formula is: =COUNTIFS({Categories for Failure}, CONTAINS("Writing on Unit", @cell), {Quality Inspector}, Inspector@row)

EX: Multi-Select Contact Column “Inspectors” has “Multiple Unique Names” Multi-Select Column “Categories for Failures” has “Multiple Unique Criteria”

Totaling the unique categories for failure by individual inspectors using a multi-select contact column and a dropdown list..

Hopefully this makes a bit of sense and thank you for any help you can provide!

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