I am trying to get a total count of matching dates based and running into issues

My formula is coming back #UNPARSEABLE and can't seem to figure out how to make this work:

=SUMPRODUCT(({Compass Incident Mgmt System Range 2} = {Compass Incident Mgmt System Range 13}) * (EXACT([Primary Column]16, {Compass Incident Mgmt System Range 3})) * ({Compass Incident Mgmt System Range 2} <> ""))

I am trying to ultimately get a total count of dates that match between two date columns but only when the value (in this case a name) is present in the Range 3 column...ignoring blanks in either date column.

In excel I accomplished this with this formula:

=SUM(--('Vision Incident Mgmt System'!AJ:AJ<>"")*('Vision Incident Mgmt System'!AJ:AJ='Vision Incident Mgmt System'!AB:AB)*('Vision Incident Mgmt System'!AC:AC=A11))

AJ and AB were my date columns and A11 was the cell with the name. However, this doesn't appear supported in smartsheet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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