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I have a series of automations that change a number of different cell values (check boxes) to Checked if the conditions are met. The issue that I'm limited to changing the value in 20 columns, but I need it to change 30+ columns given the specific conditions. From what I can tell, this is only an issue in Condition Paths.

When setting one condition, I am able to select multiple actions - so my number of actions would be unlimited.

Am I misinterpreting things, or is 20 the limit given that I'm using Condition Paths? Is there any workaround? If I set the same trigger and conditions, would it be effective to duplicate the automation with the additional actions?

I'd prefer to keep it as condition paths as there are a number of automations, and keeping these all together provides a cleaner working environment.

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    Unfortunately there's a limit to how many cells can be changed or cleared within an individual action.

    Also, you can't add actions after changing cell values so the only routes would be a second path with a copy of the original path for the rest of the changes, or a second automation.

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