Auto-Number Based on Parent Child Relationship + Move Rows in Work Breakdown Structure

Daniel Cote
Daniel Cote ✭✭
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Hello Community,

My company is trying to use a sheet to track all open eMarketing efforts each with a series of sub-tasks. I found a great solution within this community and is based on this: , where I can have an ID for any added new row with a Task Name added that will also assign a suffix to the children for the Campaign#.

Here are my column formulas:


Prefix =PARENT() + IF([Parent ID]@row = "TOP", "", PARENT(Suffix@row) + "-")

Suffix =MATCH(UniqueID@row, COLLECT(UniqueID:UniqueID, [Parent ID]:[Parent ID], [Parent ID]@row), 0)

Parent ID =IF(COUNT(ANCESTORS()) = 0, "TOP", "R" + PARENT(AutoNum@row))

UniqueID =IFERROR([Task Name]@row + AutoNum@row, "")


isParent (checklist) =IFERROR(IF(COUNT(CHILDREN()) > 0, 1, 0), "")

Campaign# ="eMKTG-" + IF(Prefix@row <> "", Prefix@row, "") + Suffix@row

My issue is this: if the order of the parent campaigns get moved up or down (meaning if I move row 8 to the top) then Campaign B (under Task Name column) will then become "eMKTG-1" when I want it to stay "eMKTG-2" with all of the correct 2-# suffixes.

Can anyone spot where I am going wrong?

(I've tried to use RANKEQ + COLLECT under Unique ID but then the Suffix column doesn't start with 1 for the first Sub task, instead starts with 7).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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