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Smartsheet connectivity issue with Spotfire.

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Hello All,

I am trying to get data into spotfire using Smartsheet.I followed the below link:


I am not able to retrieve data in Spotfire WebPlayer. The driver logs is as below.

CALLER: SpotFire.Dxp.Worker.Host.exe PID_219C:TID_29D8

MODULE: C:\Program Files\Smartsheet\ODBC driver\Smartsheet_ODBC_x64.dll

VERSION: 1.3.33 (64-bit)

TIMESTAMP 06:26:2017 19:22:58:733

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] SQLGetInfo ENTER (TYPE 77)

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] SQLGetInfo EXIT (SQLRETURN 0)

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] SQLSetConnectAttr ENTER (ATTR 103)

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] [setstatd] setting status 01S02, (10005) Option value changed 103

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] SQLSetConnectAttr EXIT (SQLRETURN 1)

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] [setstatd] setting status 80001, (2) Smartsheet authorization failed: The server name or address could not be resolved (WIN32: 0x00002EE7)

[PID_219C:TID_29D8 19:22:58:733] SQLFreeHandle (TYPE 2)

The same server credentails and ip works fine for Spotfire Desktop issue is only through WebPlayer.


  • dAVE Inden
    dAVE Inden Employee

    Firstly, when working with Spotfire WebPlayer the Spotfire Server must have a System DSN that matches (has the same name) the DSN used to publish the Webplayer visualization.

    Secondly, those errors look to be from the connection getting blocked by a proxy or a firewall of some kind on the server. I suggest confirming with your IT team if there is anything blocking on the network.

    If you continue to have issues reach out to us directly on the Support at api@smartsheet.com and we can assist.

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