Portfolio Formation


Dear Team,

I have been building my Smartsheets and creating work flow.

Now I want to build a PORTFOLIO Sheet to pull data from my Smartsheets. I have been using a template so far but I want to build my own.

How do I form a PORTFOLIO Sheet? How to I link it to my files/folders? How to I get it to count a category? So for example I have a Sheet called 'ORDERS' in this sheet I have all my orders. This sheet will become my master sheet linked to the folders that have each Order in it. So for example I have an order for a metal bar that need to be cut, welded, and painted. This is order 111, this order should upline from the folder to the master Smartsheet. This master Smartsheet will have columns 'Health' (RYG), "Status" (Not Started, In Process, Complete), and "Category" (Welded, Outsourced) - How do I create a Portfolio Level Sheet linked to a Dashboard to show A) Projects Not Started, In Progress, complete b)Projects G/Y/R c)By category Weld/Pass through.


Visual Project by Status

Project by Health

Under Categories of Weld and Pass Through?

Also link to Project RED


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