Formula to say less or more than 30 days


I need a formula that says if the event date is less then 30 days from the date the record was created return the words "less than 30 days" but if its more than 30 days return the words "more than 30 days"

This is what I came up with but getting an error. Help?

=IF(ISDATE([Event Date]@row), IF(DATEDIFF([Event Date]@row, [Created]@row, "d") <= 30, "Less than 30 days", "More than 30 days"),"")

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  • Connie Cochran
    Connie Cochran ✭✭✭✭
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    Nevermind I figured it out

    =IF(ISDATE([Event Date]@row), IF(AND([Event Date]@row > [Created]@row, [Event Date]@row <= [Created]@row + 30), "Less than 30 days from today", "More than 30 days from today"), "")


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