Incorrect result for NETDAYS and NETWORKDAYS formulas

Hi everyone - would appreciate any help with this. I am trying to calculate both the net days as well as working days between today and a start date. My formulas are working....kind of. I'm not getting an error, but the results are incorrect (per other countdown sites and google). So if I should get 203 days I'm getting 211 for the NETDAYS, and instead of 137 I'm getting 143 for NETWORKDAYS.

My formulas are below. I've also tried the more simple NETDAYS(TODAY(), StartDate) etc. Both give the same incorrect result.

=IF(DATEONLY(TODAY()) = Date2, 0, NETDAYS(TODAY(), Date2) + " days")

=IF(DATEONLY(TODAY()) = Date2, 0, NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Date2, Date20:Date29)) + " working days"

Any help appreciated!


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