Is there a way to use ISBLANK to print out those rows that ARE blank ?


Okay, so basically I used

=CHOOSECOLS(FILTER('Building Doors/Parking'!A2:D40,'Building Doors/Parking'!D2:D40=H1),1,2,3,4)

with a dropdown menu, and i'm able to see loaded trailers, empties, return trailers, OOS ( out of service trailers ) etc...

I'm only missing one piece to making this so helpful for my building.

I need to be able to print the rows that ARE empty, so that we know which empty slots we have available for incoming shipments.

Our rows look like this :

I want to be able to print the 13D row to show that it is an empty slot in our yard.

Or any workaround idea would be appreciated.. thank you!!


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