Copying data to a second sheet


Hi there. Ok, so I have a master sheet that is housing our full repository of FAQs and then I have another sheet that I currently have Copy Automation (from the master) that is pulling any adds/changes when the Approved column is checked. However, I'm running into an issue that now that automation is pulling duplicate records over when edits are made rather than simply updating or overwriting the previously copied row information. Is there a better way to do this or maybe another automation I can set up on the "child" sheet to at least clear out the old row when a new version comes in? The Question column will always remain the same, but the answer or other columns may be edited at any time. I have looked around and I've seen VLOOKUP, etc but 1. I'm not very familiar with using these particular formulas and 2. I'm not sure these will necessarily work for what I need, seeing as the master sheet is going to be added to often.

A second point here is if I move the checkmark from Approved to Unapproved, how do I ensure that row gets removed from the child sheet? Thanks in advance for any help here!


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