How do you calculate a total from a list from multiple sheets?


I have (3) sheets that I have a long list of services and the cost associated with them. Which I can combine in (1) sheet if needed...

On what I will refer to as my destination sheet, I have aggregated the services selected by a client and I need a formula that will reference the cell that has all of the services listed in them, look at the cost sheet(s) and calculate a total.


Destination Cell has the services: Bookkeeping, Reporting, and Sales Training

Sheet 1 has Bookkeeping and the cost is $150

Sheet 2 has Reporting and the cost is $150

Sheet 3 has Sales Training and the cost is $500

The desired result would be a total cost in the formula cell that should show $800.

This would be easy in excel, however I am not sure if the logic is the same in Smartsheet or if it even has the capability of something like this?

TIA for your assistance/recommendations!



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